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As an introvert, one of my defining characteristics is a need to recharge my batteries after too much social time. My job, and sometimes my life in general, requires a great deal of social interaction. I find that I need to balance my external and internal worlds. Some locales lend themselves to this work in a beautiful way, and these can only be described as sacred spaces.

A sacred space is a place where you feel more connected to yourself, God or your higher power, love, and even others (in a metaphysical way). When we can find these pockets of harmony, we can balance against the stress and live into our best life and purpose.

Meaningful to You

If there is a place to which you find yourself going back, again and again, to reflect, pray, meditate, or spend time alone, that may be your sacred space. It may be meaningful to you because you’ve been there before and felt safe and comforted. It may be a place of worship where you feel connected with God and others. It may be a rocking chair you’ve had for years. Think about what places hold deep meaning for you, and consider finding ways to get to them more frequently.

Or maybe you keep meaningful objects nearby- favorite books or scented candles, a stuffed animal or quilt with special meaning to you. These objects can bring tangible comfort and grounding when we may need it. I have a stone with a cross embedded into it, which I can hold and rub when I am feeling stressed or anxious. If you feel called to crystals, scented oils or meaningful objects, carry them with you or keep them nearby.

Peaceful or Quiet

Noises can be overwhelming at times, and finding peace can require a separation from the clatter. This could mean a separation from people, distractions, or unwanted noises. If I’m in a public place, I often like to bring headphones so I can plug into whatever music or guided meditation or inspirational podcast that will soothe my soul. As an introvert and empath, I need to balance noise and distraction with peace and quiet to restore my energy and soul. Spending time alone is very helpful when possible, and helps me to balance my energy and recharge my batteries.


When I take walks outside, even in my suburban neighborhood, I see rabbits and squirrels, trees and flowers. I feel the fresh air or wind and rain. Nature connects us to creation, which connects us to something bigger and more timeless than ourselves. There is a great mystery there, and we become part of it.

When I am around water, whether at the beach or in my home or out in the rain, I find myself in a sacred space. It’s a nod to baptism and renewal or the pattern of ripples and ocean waves. These ordinary miracles bear imprints of the divine.

It Doesn’t Have to be a Physical Place

When necessary, we can find sacred space in any location. Pockets of balance and connection can be anywhere if we work to create them. Taking moments to breathe, to be thankful, and to look inward with love- this is the essence of a sacred space. I like using affirmations (sign up for my email list to get a list of them to use whenever you need them!)- just take a moment to breathe, close your eyes (if possible) and repeat the affirmation to yourself. This can help separate you from the clatter, even for just a moment, and bring you back to a place of harmony.

Do you have a sacred space or place that holds deep meaning for you? Be sure to let me know!