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From my life experience, I have a deep understanding of labels and what they can and cannot do.

When I was a child, people would always make comments such as, “You’re so quiet! You should talk more.” I don’t remember having a difficult time making friends when I was very young and children were less judgmental. However, as I neared my pre-teen years and social groups and labels began to evolve, I found myself more and more frequently left out.

I had difficulties speaking to my peers and became a target of bullying. It’s amazing how so much of what happens in childhood can follow you into your adult life.

I’ve felt at times that I was strange or different from everyone else. I had a harder time speaking to people or making friends. I felt isolated and alone. I wondered if I would be able to have a life that I longed for, or even to be content.

It was from a dark place of loneliness and despair that hope was born.

I didn’t want to live with other people’s labels anymore. So in my early adult years, I began to find myself. I discovered my love of writing and art. I made friends and learned about spirituality. I traveled abroad and discovered new places and cultures. I found beauty in nature and a love of learning for the sake of learning. I got married too early and made some mistakes, gaining wisdom through pain and loss.

But somehow, that “quiet” label was still there. I couldn’t shake it, no matter how much I tried to fit into a new role of leader, or lover, or friend. The shy, quiet girl had become a shy, quiet woman. Well, that couldn’t be a good thing. It was the cause of my problems, my anguish, my torment. It was the biggest critique of the wise 10-year-olds on the playground. It was the reason that life never seemed to take quite the shape I imagined in my dreams.

For years, I felt stuck. I reasoned that the world desire and loves extroverts. People with strong, boisterous personalities always seemed to be the most successful, while the quiet introverts were left on sidelines.

But as I lived more years with myself, something else happened. Some slow, delicate, imperceptibly beautiful evolution of my spirit started to take form. I slowly began to love myself.

Being an introvert is a gift. I began to see the value and beauty in this once-despised “quiet” label. I realized that I had gifts for intuition, observation, and focus. My sensitivity helped me to feel deep compassion for others. I could find beauty that had been overlooked. I could love and feel deeply, reflect on reality to find truth, and connect with myself and the world in a way that many may not understand.

And so, through this journey and into the next, I decided to share my observations here, with you. My desire is to share with you that you are not alone in this life. You are amazing, unique, and filled with potential. You have gifts to share and a voice to be heard. And this blog was started for you.

I know that we introverted, shy, quiet individuals may have a difficult time finding our place or our voice. This space is for you. I want to connect with you, encourage you, and share with you. Let’s take this journey together.

Connect with me, leave me a comment, and let me know what labels you have been given by others or yourself, and how they impact you. Talk to you soon,


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