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What is Self-Care?

There is a huge need for introverts and empaths to recognize the need for self-care. You do such great work in the world- through your career, your family, friends, and your love of others- and it is extremely important that you balance your energy by taking care of yourself. When we let this go, we will find that it’s more difficult to do our great work in the world. I’m in the process of finding a balance for my spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Here are a few ways I’ve found to work toward this goal.

Healthy Eating

This is an area in which I truly struggle. I have issues with binge eating and over-eating, which I have learned can be a coping mechanism. Food and feelings can be so easily intertwined, that it becomes extremely difficult to break the pattern. My current goal with eating is to focus more on healthy, non-processed foods that make me feel good and fuel my body. I still have fast food and treats occasionally, however, because balance is also important. I also try to pay attention to how certain foods make me feel. If something zaps my energy or is more difficult to digest, I have to keep that in mind when I choose to eat it.


Our bodies are made primarily of water, and we have to drink it to live. It’s no big surprise that drinking enough water is an important goal toward reaching optimal health and loving ourselves. I also feel connected with water in other forms in my life- rain, oceans, lakes- water is so calming and has transformative energy that is beyond understanding.


I’ve been working toward finding forms of exercise that I love, that benefits my body and spirit in a positive way, and doesn’t feel like punishment. For me, I’m currently loving walking & jogging while listening to podcasts and audiobooks. I also enjoy lifting weights because I love the feeling of getting stronger. Occasionally, I like kickboxing and cardio dance. Are there forms of movement that you truly enjoy? Look for those activities that make you feel alive rather than wearing you out or feeling like a chore. You will notice a difference in your mood and your energy once you find the right frequency.


The world can be a noisy place, which can be so overwhelming when you are an introvert. Make space in your calendar for quiet reflection. I learned how to be a morning person because I discovered that I love the peace of morning hours. There are fewer distractions and interruptions while the world is still asleep.  Some introverts love night hours. The point is to find a place, space, and time where you can be quiet and restore your energy.

Connection With Others

I will admit that I don’t always love being around people. It can be exhausting to be social, especially in large groups or for long periods of time. Yet at the same time, I feel a deep connection and love for others. It can be very challenging to find ways to love and help other people while maintaining good boundaries and protecting my energy. When I can find ways to help and connect with other people, I feel so fulfilled. I try to make time to get together with good friends one-on-one, or volunteer where I can connect one-on-one. I also enjoy connecting with others on social media, even though that can be draining as well. I try to find groups and friends that are positive and high-vibration, which help me to keep my energy and spirit in a good place.

How do you take care of yourself? I would love to hear from you- leave me a comment or send me a message.

Much love to you, Suzanne